Features & Blogs

Let’s Get Physical: A Recap of the 4th Lyst Summit, Copenhagen Game Collective Blog, 2017

Gotland Game’s Most Wacky Game Controllers, Copenhagen Game Collective Blog, 2017

Soteria: Das Spiel mit der Angst, Elektro Uschi, 2017 (German)

Turn Your Fears Into A Game: Soteria, Copenhagen Game Collective Blog, 2017

That Grief Game, A.Maze Magazine 2016

Going In Deaf: Post-Mortem of the First Roger Corman Jam, Copenhagen Game Collective Blog, 2016

Games Beyond Washing Machines, Copenhagen Game Collective Blog, 2015

Gemeinsam Anders Sein: Auf Tuchfüllung mit Dänemarks Indie-Szene, ARTE Creative, 2015 (German).


I made a bunch of experimental games, mostly games about grief. For example, 13 Years Later, is a Twine game I wrote to remember my dead baby son.

For more grief games go to my page.

For other game stuff check out my games portfolio.

Academic writing

Black Skin, White Guns: Becoming Colonizer in Resident Evil 5, with Martin Pichelmair, Philosophy of Computer Game Conference 2015, Berlin

Adrienne Shaw’s Gaming at the Edge: Sexuality and Gender at the Margins of Gamer Culture, Digital Culture & Education 7(1). (book review)

“Inviting Grief Into Games: The Game Design Process as Personal Dialogue”, with Henrik Schønau Fog, DiGRA: Diversity of Play 2015, Lüneburg

Games Against Health: A Player-Centered Design Philosophy, with Conor Linehan, Ben Kirman, Shaun Lawson, Marcus Carter, CHI Conference 2015, Seoul

Cunt Touch This: A Conversation on Intimate Design and Embarrassment, with Andrea Hasselager, Ida Toft, Raimund Schumacher, Conor Linehan, and Ben Kirman, CHI Conference 2015, Seoul

From Losing to Loss: Exploring the Expressive Capacities of Videogames Beyond Death as Failure, Culture Unbound 5(35), 2013.

Game Design for Cultural Studies. An experiential approach to critical thinking, Pittsburgh: ETC Press 2011.

The LARA-Formula. Textual ambiguity and commercial success. München: kopaed 2010.


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