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November 15: “Critical Perspectives on Collaborative Game Making”, Solidarities in Politically Engaged Research workshop, ETMU conference, Tampere (workshop paper)

November 8: Videogame Gardening: What Colonial Botany Can Teach Us About Games, Game Happens Genova (lecture)

October  4: “Game vs. Spiel”, Vienna Design Week (panel discussion)

September 25: “Roots of Dysfunction? Thinking Videogames Through the Lens of Gardening”, Cologne Game Lab (keynote)


Societal Frames of Games, Multidisciplinary Game Studies, Tampere August 2019 (guest lecture)

Methods of Reflective Game Design, Methods Festival, Tampere August 2019 (conference presentation)

Designing Global Empowerment? Self-Narratives of Workshop Hosts in Culturally Mixed Settings, DiGRA Conference, Kyoto August 2019 (paper presentation)

1st DiGRA Game Jam, DiGRA conference, Kyoto August 2019 (workshop)

Mythologies of Race in Ascension: Dawn of Champions, Ropecon Academic Seminar, Helsinki July 2019 (conference presentation)

Invited commentator, Jamology conference, Helsinki June 2019 (conference)

Roots of Dysfunction: What Botanical History Can Teach us About The Games Industry, Gotland Game Conference, Visby June 2019 (conference presentation)

Bleed, Arcadia festival Dundee, May 2019 (micro talk)

Of Mice And Men: Queering the Conventional Gamer Mouse for Cooperative Play CHI2019, Glasgow, May 2019 (paper presentation)

Plantations of Play, Game Design as Gardening Summit, A.Maze, Berlin, April 2019 (conference presentation)

Playing with Grief, CounterPlay, Aarhus, April 2019 (conference presentation)

Playing with Grief, Aalto University, Helsinki, April 2019 (guest lecture)

Games That Care: Lessons From Teaching Grief-Based Game Design, GDC, San Francisco, March 2019 (conference presentation)

Radical Jamming: Sketching Radical Design Principles for Game Creation Workshops, ICGJ, San Francisco, March 2019 (conference presentation)

Intimate Games: Queering the Conventional Mouse Controller for Cooperative Play, Oasis lunch lecture series, Tampere University, March 2019 (lecture)

Radical Game Design with Bitsy, PLAY18 Hamburg, November 2018 (workshop)

The pain of loss in game design, Overkill Festival Enschede, November 2018 (art talk)

Trauer spielen: Zur Darstellung von Intimität und Verlusterfahrung im Videospiel, Universität Potsdam, November 2018 (guest lecture)

Intimate Games: A Design Conversation, Northeastern University, Boston, October 2018 (guest lecture)

The Undie Game, Different Games Arcade, Polytechnic Institute Worcester, October 2018 (game showcase)

Radical Game Design Workshop, PLAY Hamburg, November 2018 (workshop)

The pain of loss in game design, PainGame Berlin, January 2018 (art talk)

GaMe Metaphorical Design Workshop, less Adorno more play Kassel, Oktober 2017 (workshop)

Grief-Based Game Design, Gotland Game Conference, May 2017 (conference presentation)

Vulvas on the Tablet, Gotland Game Conference, May 2017 (conference presentation)

Know Your Worth: The Money Panel, A.Maze Berlin, April 2017 (panel moderation)

Vulvas on the Tablet, Screening Pleasure Lecture Series, University of Vienna, April 2017 (guest lecture)

Three challenges of designing for grief, GDC Indie Summit San Francisco, February 2017 (conference presentation)

Challenging the Industry in 20 Slides, GDC Advocacy Microtalks San Francisco, March 2017 (micro talk)

Casual Empire, University Copenhagen, December 2016 (guest lecture)

Therapy in Games, GLS Madison, Wisconsin, August 2016 (panel)

Rated R for Raunchy: Finding the Sexy in AAA Games, Lyst Summit, June 2016 (conference presentation)

Black Skin, White Guns: Becoming Coloniser in RE5, Philosophy of Computer Games Conference Berlin, October 2015 (conference presentation)

Let’s Get Personal, design workshop at Lyst Summit, June 2015 (conference presentation)

Cunt Touch This – über Intimität, Lust und spielbaren Vaginalhumor, Subotron Arcademy Vienna, May 2015 (German) (presentation)

Inviting Grief Into Games, DiGRA Lüneburg, May 2015 (conference presentation)

Social Justice Warriors for a better Gaming Culture, workshop A.MAZE Berlin, April 2015 (workshop)

Intimate Games: Intentions, Potentials, and Limitations of Playable Pornography, Pixelporno 0.2 Linz, March 2015 (German) (lecture)

Making Games Against Success, CEGC Vienna, January 2015 (conference presentation)

From Loss and Grief to Game Design, CHI Conference Toronto, October 2014 (workshop paper)

Cunt Touch This, A.MAZE Festival Berlin, 2014 (game showcase)

Dis-Playing Loss, FROG Conference Vienna, September 2013 (conference presentation)

Performing Race in Patapon, CONference 2.0 Brno, October 2013 (keynote)