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My name is Sabine, and I am a writer, game designer and cultural scholar from Vienna. I hold a PhD in game design, an MA in media studies and an MA in English studies, and I’m currently working as a game design lecturer and researcher in Berlin. I’m currently teaching a thing called Intimate Design at BTK, there. It’s supposed to teach prospective game designers how to create playful experiences which connect humans.

I’m a member of the Copenhagen Game Collective, an experimental collective creating and curating alternative games in the Nordic region. I am part of an editorial team, writing sometimes about game-related things we find worth reading.

I also made a bunch of experimental games, some of them about grief. For example, 13 Years Later, is a Twine game I wrote to remember my dead baby son. For more grief games look at my itch.io page.

For more experimental stuff, here’s my games portfolio.

I am available for talks and workshops on grief-based game design, design for non-gamers, expressive art approaches to games, as well as intimacy, sex and attachment. I have presented on these topics at GDC San Francisco, Gotland Game Conference Visby, A.Maze Berlin, DiGRA Game Studies Conference Lüneburg, F.R.O.G Vienna, and less Adorno – more play, Kassel among others.

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